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1- Reserved crude oil tanks:
45,000 MT with six separate unloading stations for different kind of crude oil.

2- Refinery:
GOLNAZ factory’s refinery consists of neutralization, winterization bleaching and deodorization with capacity of 1000 MT/day.

3- Can Making Lines:
Sets of complete fully automatic can making lines suitable for producing 12 different cans in size and volume. Two colors tinplate printing machines to provide best & high quality of all kind of printing on cans.

4- PET Bottling Line:
Sets of complete production lines of different bottles with the total capacity of 1,000,000 bottles/day.

5- Filling to packing machines:
Total capacity of 1,200 Mt/day Packing of different edible oil , ghee , margarine & puff pastry , Distillated water , pure O2 , Fatty acids & Soap stock.

6- Mineral Water:
Fountainhead from high mountains of Joopar, Kerman PET Bottles: 0.5 Lit PET Bottles: 1.5 Lit.

7- H2 / Gas Plant & Electrolyser:
Two different kind of Hydrogen plant each with capacity of 1,000 M3/hr. in order to make hydrogenated oil (ghee).

8- Nitrogen plant:
Nitrogen is used as a cleaner in H2 gas line & also for oil tanks to prevent oil oxidation. This plant products 200M3/hr pure Nitrogen with less than 100 ppm O2.

9- Margarine, puff pastry & shortening:
In Margarine plant we establish a complete stainless steel & fully automatic line to produce Margarine, Shortening & Puff Pastry oil .This plant is capable to produce different kind of edible oil & Fats such as: puff pastry , Margarine , table Margarine or different shortening.
Packing size are: 5 & 10 kg block for industrial use. 1 kg & 2 kg. Slab for confectioneries and(10, 15, 25, 50,100 , 200) gr table Margarine in foils and cups use.

10- GOLNAZ ‘s IT system:
Both software & hardware IT system helps to improve constancy of the products quality. By flowing enough information to all of our processes enable us to increase the performance & achieving high effectual.

11- Engineering & research department:
GOLNAZ VEG. Oil Co. Engineering and Research and development department’s personnel are highly educated and with potential & high capability of research and development activities in vegetable oil industries. We are & have been innovative & creative

12- Utility:
Steam Boilers System:
For making steam which also uses for heating & uses in vacuum systems. boilers with 22500 IB/hr capacity & 10 brag pressure.

Hot water Boilers:
to make hot water for heaters & other consumers.

Emergency electrical power:
For making electrical power, there are diesel generators that are enable to provide totally 5 megawatts electricity

Compressed air:
To make compressed air, there are compressors and booster compressors that produce compressed Air with 500 M3/Min flow rate@10 brag for machines & instruments &300 M3/Min flow rate@40 Brag For PET bottles making.

Cooling tower system:
Four pools Plus cooling towers are Used to reduce the temperature of water that uses in heat exchangers &vacuum systems.

13- Water waste refinery:
Pools & sand filters Plus other equipments& instruments, are abling Golnaz to refine 500m3/day water waste to be refined and used for irrigation.

14- Storage:
The 20,000 M2 Storage areas is used to store our products before distribution, primary material & technical instruments.

15- Tank trucks:
Stainless steel trucks tanks used to give services for distribution of refined vegetable oil in bulk with capacity of 100 M/day to our customers who are active in food industries.

16- Others:
Golnaz factory has also these units:
Work shapes for welding, piping, repairing forklift , repairing instruments , Shops,Guest house , Restaurant , Fire station , Medical clinic , Playing field

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